Assistant Chemist, Fuel Cell

Shanghai, CN, 201206

As a chemicals supplier to almost all industries, BASF will establish a standalone subsidiary dedicated to its Mobile Emissions Catalysts, Precious Metals Trading, Recycling, and related Products and Services business. The new group is referred to as BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions and is wholly owned by BASF. BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions will operate globally in over 15 countries and comprise of approximately 20 production sites and over 4,000 employees.
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Objectives of the Position< Shift + Enter proceeds to the next line without bullet; Enter inserts new bullet>

  • Implementing and improving the design and development of membrane-electrode-assembly.
  • Ensure safe and compliant daily laboratory operations.
  • Ensure zero LTI, occupational disease, loss of containment, and exceeding environmental regulation limit.


  • 实施和提升膜电极组件的设计和开发;
  • 确保实验室的日常运作安全、合规;
  • 确保零工伤、零职业病、零安全漏洞、零环境超标


Main Tasks

  • Responsible for preparing and characterizing catalyst ink, and optimizing formulation optimization.
  • Responsible for preparing, characterizing and optimization of membrane-electrode-assembly, and conducting performance testing.
  • Responsible for the daily management of the laboratory, including instruments, technical documents, etc.
  • Responsible for the implementation of EHS risk control measures in the laboratory to ensure that the laboratory operations meet the EHS requirements.


  • 负责制备、表征催化剂浆料和优化配方;
  • 负责制备、表征、优化膜电极组件并进行性能测试;
  • 负责实验室日常管理,包括仪器设备,技术文档等;
  • 负责落实实验室EHS 风险控制措施,确保实验室运行符合公司的 EHS 要求


Minimum Education and Qualification Required for the Position

  • Education: Bachelor and above degree in Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering, etc.
  • No working experience is required, but those who have related working experience is preferred.
  • Knowledge requirements:

(1) basic knowledge in one or more fields of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, or polymers;

(2) experience in particle characterization, disperse system preparation and characterization, slurry coating or additive manufacturing is preferred;

(3) experience in electrocatalysis is preferred, including, but not limited to, HER, OER, ORR, fuel cells, water electrolysis, and carbon dioxide reduction, etc.

(4) team player, and good communication and coordination skills;

(5) good sense of safety and compliance, and highly motivative in research work

(6) basic English reading and writing skills;


  • 教育:在化学,材料科学,化学工程,机械工程,动力工程等学科获得学士及以上学位
  • 不要求工作经验,但具有相关工作经验者优先;
  • 技术和知识要求:
  1. 具备流体力学,热力学,电化学或高分子聚合物等其中一个或几个领域的基本知识;
  2. 具有颗粒表征,分散体系制备和表征,浆料涂布或增材制造等经验优先;
  3. 具有电催化研究经验优先,包括但不限于HER(析氢反应),OER(析氧反应),ORR(氧还原反应),燃料电池,电解水,二氧化碳电还原等;









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