Senior Engineer, Production

Guilin, CN, 541004

As a chemicals supplier to almost all industries, BASF will establish a standalone subsidiary dedicated to its Mobile Emissions Catalysts, Precious Metals Trading, Recycling, and related Products and Services business. The new group is referred to as BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions and is wholly owned by BASF. BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions will operate globally in over 15 countries and comprise of approximately 20 production sites and over 4,000 employees.
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Objectives of the Position< Shift + Enter proceeds to the next line without bullet; Enter inserts new bullet>

  • 负责生产部生产工艺(浆料及涂覆过程)的执行、改进、提高及生产产品的质量管理


Main Tasks

    1. 遵守及执行公司EHS相关的法律、法规及各项安全要求;了解工艺安全概念,执行工艺安全相关要求。
    2. 负责催化剂生产(浆料及涂覆)过程各产品的工艺参数卡(包括BOM生产批单)的编制、下发,及监督执行情况。
    3. 参与并协助工艺部进行的TT技术转移、试产工作,协助完成试产报告及各参数的确定。
    4. 执行生产工艺(浆料及涂覆)的持续改进,通过工艺改进来保证生产质量,提高生产效率,降低生产消耗。
    5. 处理催化剂生产(浆料及涂覆)过程中出现的质量问题,负责工艺调查及返工方案的选定、验证、跟进,负责8D报告及预防性纠正措施。
    6. 负责浆料/涂覆生产过程中贵金属消耗的分析,及时调节质控线及参数,降低贵金属损耗。
    7. 负责生产部工艺改善项目的执行,参与新设备新工艺开发、安装调试,并对操作人员进行新设备新工艺的培训及考核。
    8. 负责对催化剂生产(浆料及涂覆)过程中工艺执行、改进等资料进行整理、归档工作。
    9. 部门经理安排的其他任务。



Minimum Education and Qualification Required for the Position

  • Education: 化学/化工类专业,本科或本科以上(或同等)学历
  • Working Experience: 从事化学化工研究、生产工作两年以上
  • Technical & Professional Knowledge: (Please be measurable and specific) 








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- An attractive competitive salary that is based on the company's success and your individual performance.
- Health and wellbeing programs helping you to achieve better work-life balance.
- We facilitate flexible and hybrid working.